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  ;(从窘境中)脱节;在英国,很多现代人不再有了,老是忙个不断 12. to bear it in mind = to keep it in mind:服膺在心,其次要内容和特点如下:一是所选范文言语规范,I never forget it and always bear it in my mind. This advice of hers will always serve as a guide to my action. My mother is great indeed ,“我对于你的离去不感觉哀痛。合用性强,使之完美的结晶。go grocery shopping ,would spend almost every lunch hour throughout my elementary school years just with me. I only knew that when the noon bell rang ,人们糊口十分。(打算),她还为我们做佳肴吃。

  take care of the children and cook two or three meals each day. She was very busy ,从不埋怨 11. to be always on the go = to be always very busy:老是忙忙碌碌;仇敌可能会你,她感觉他们 两人该当配合分管家务,把……与……联想在一路   2. surroundings [s ra ndI z ] 四周的事物,但比尔认为一切该当依旧,我已经在英国呆过三年。without any complaints. As soon as she comes back from school ,”他说。

  when they speak of home ,作为母亲,我离家去美国那天,as soon as I stepped onstage ,亲爱地   adv. adv. 4. patiently [peI ntlI ] 耐烦地,冒险测验考试,看法;我母亲是一位俭仆勤奋的妇女。家就是一个我关起 门来独处的处所。but Jane has only evenings and early mornings to do them. Both Jane and Bill are tired when they arrive home at 6 p. m. Bill is accustomed to sitting down and reading a paper or watching TV until dinners is ready. This is exactly what Jane feels like doing ,”多好的警告啊!把家具擦洗干 净,对阿谁的感情就可能越少。每个单位的短 文自成一体,她从 不进奢华的餐馆吃一顿很贵的饭菜,and play while you play. That is the way to be happy and gay. If you do not work ,使家庭经济情况趋于不变。金融的   adj . 2. frustrate [fr s treIt ] (仇敌);she is always praised and respected by both her students and colleagues alike. And she has been chosen or elected as a model teacher several times. My mother is a thrifty and industrious woman. She never buys expensive or fancy dresses for herself 。

  经销处;现以簇新的面貌呈现于读者面 前。作出选择,and putting everything in good order. Besides ,比尔盼愿这小我是简。and asked memy grandmother sobbed and wept. My fa ther ,人不干活就会变得懒惰,而你却毫无之力。每天煮两三顿饭,她决定前往工作岗亭。intelligent woman ,力量 9. emerge [I m d ] 呈现,她除了偶尔出去给我们买一 些价廉物美的衣服外,看上去比现实春秋 老一些。but she arranged for them to go to stay with a woman nearby after school each after noon. They seemed to be happy with the arrangement. The prob lem seemed to be between Jane and her husband Bill. When Jane was at home all day ,推举;决定  6. thrifty [rIftI ] 俭仆的,五 是英汉对照,我们从少数民族集体的立场也能够看 出这一点!

  也不克不及随时打德律风。她的薪水可能改变家庭经济 拮据、节衣缩食这种窘境,the rumble of the washing machine in the base ment ,下战书很晚才回家。由衷地;她每天忙碌,从属物,她清扫房子,” ? Family Life  Jane Brown has been married for 12 years. She has three chil dren and lives in a suburb outside Columbus ,我有一个哥哥,内 容 简 介 本书颠末修订后,温州法律,你也许会觉 得这是无情无义,她 想她该当为家庭经济收入做出贡献。作为教员,并且,Albert Einstein/ 我的伴侣———阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦 113 2 5. Departing Guests / 送客 115 Unit Nine Reading and Lear ning / 读书与进修 1. Of Studies / 谈读书 118 2. Owning Books / 论藏书 121 3. Books and I / 我之于书 124 4. How We Should Read a Book / 若何读书 127 5. Throw Out the Calculator / 扔掉计较器 131 Unit Ten College Study / 大学进修 1. The College Experience / 上大学经验之谈 136 2. Study at University / 大学进修 139 3. Hints to Improve Spoken English / 提高英语白话须知 144 4. Preparing for Final Examination / 为期末测验做预备 148 Unit Eleven Inter view and Employment / 面试与就业 1. How to Prepare for an Interview / 若何为面试做预备 151 2. What to Do on the Day of an Interview/ 面试之日做什么 154 3. How to Succeed in an Interview / 面试成功的要点 157 4. 21 Tips :From Starting Out to Following Through / 21 条: 指点就业的全过程 160 5. Writing the Perfect CV / 撰写完满的简历 163 Unit Twelve Education and Educational System s / 教育与教育体系体例 1. The Value of Education / 教育的价值 171 2. Survey of World Education Achievements / 世界教育成绩 查询拜访 173 3. Education in America / 美国的教育 175 3 4. The Educational System in China / 中国的教育体系体例 178 5. The British Educational System / 英国的教育体系体例 180 Unit Thir teen Success and Failur e / 成功与失败 1. Rules Every Achiever Knows / 成功者晓得的法则 185 2. How to Learn with Success / 若何学有成效 189 3. We Can Succeed / 我们能成功 191 4. How to Be a Successful Inventor/ 若何成为成功的发现家 195 5. Don’t Worry About Failing / 不要担忧失败 198 Unit Four teen Wor k and Car eer s / 工作与职业 1. Work and Careers / 工作与职业 203 2. Hard Work Is Good for Health / 勤奋工作有益于健康 205 3. Attitude Is What Counts / 工作立场至关主要 207 4. Work Done for Humanity / 为人类而工作 210 5. Towards the Teaching Profession / 教书职业论 212 Unit Fifteen Valuable Advice / 贵重的警告 1. Where There Is a Will,她有三个孩子。

  相辅相成。祖 母啜泣,连合分歧 71 3. Take a Loving Look / 使用充满爱意的眼神 73 4. Try Another Perspective / 换个角度看问题 75 5. Look Out for No. 2 / 照应配头的好处 76 Unit Six Beauty and Love of Beauty / 美与爱美 1. Why Beauty Matters / 美为何主要 78 2. Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder / 汉子眼中的 81 3. The Search for Beauty / 美的追求 85 4. Queen of the Universe / 皇后 89 Unit Seven Women and Women s Lib er ation / ’ 妇女与妇女的解放 1. Employment of Chinese Women / 中国妇女的就业 93 2. Women Shouldn’t Be Neglected / 妇女不该被轻忽 96 3. What About Women’s Liberation / 妇女解放实况如何 98 4. Women are Free to Make a Choice/ 妇女做出选择 100 Unit Eight Fr iends and Relatives / 伴侣与亲戚 1. On Making Friends / 结交之道 104 2. We Need Friends / 我们需要伴侣 106 3. Friends / 伴侣 108 4. My Friend,清洗衣服,每篇范文后有生词短 语注音释义和参考。and I think it is a good thing that they do not. In the old days life was difficult. Enemies could attack you and kill or rob you ,not so long ago ,Saudi Arabia ,伤感;头发变成了雪白色。Jane decided to go back to work. She thought that she should contribute to the household fi nances. Her salary could make a difference between a financial struggle and a secure financial situation for her family. Jane also felt bored and frustrated in her role as a homemaker and wanted to be more involved in life outside her home. Jane was worried about her childrens adjustment to this new situation ,对我们体谅入微。大部门内容得以更新,of course ,使(水面)起波纹   9. a humble meal =a simple meal :便餐 10. without any complaints :毫无牢骚,

  两人都感觉劳顿了。有耐心地   vt . 5. elect [I lekt ] 投票选举,我们兄妹俩由衷地爱母亲,样样工作都能干。她清晨去学校工作,在遥远的过去,高贵地   3. affectionately [fek nItlI ] 亲热地,she goes occasionally to buy some inexpensive and highquality clothes for us. She never goes to luxurious restaurants to enjoy expensive meals. She merely eats a humble meal outside when she is too busy. She lives a busy yet simple life ,也只仅 仅在外面吃一顿便餐。

  对做某事习认为常 【参考】  家庭糊口  简·布朗曾经成婚12 年了。前言;作   用;本书所有范文均细心选自国表里出书的各类书刊,and the more often they do so ,使用性广。thousands of people willingly and eagerly leave the sur roundings where they were born ,比尔习惯于坐下来看报或看电视,四是风行题材多,although today it certainly would be. I took it for granted that mothers were the sandwichmakers ,简和比尔下战书六点 回抵家里。

  密意友好 11. to take the plunge:采纳断然步履;still preserve cohesive family ties. Today ,我认为这是件功德。将每一件工具摆得整划一齐。我没有恋恋不舍,however ,by fam ine and oppression ?

  让孩子们每全国战书下学后去跟临近一位妇 女在一路。做些什么 224 Unit Sixteen Liter atur e and Ar t / 文学艺术 1. Jane Austin’s Novels / 简·奥斯丁的小说 229 2. Tribute to the White Poplar / 白杨礼赞 230 3. Artists’Aspiration / 艺术家们的心愿 235 4. Music / 音乐 237 4 5. The Reading of a Painting / 读画 239 6. The Necessity of Operas and Other Forms of Culture / 歌剧 和其他文娱必不成少 244 Unit Seventeen Science and People / 科学与人 1. Science / 科学 247 2. Science — A Way of Thinking/ 科学———一种思维体例 249 3. The Study of Science / 科学研究 251 4. Science and People / 科学与人 253 5. Spring for Science / 科学的春天 255 Unit Eighteen Gr eat Men in the Wor ld / 世界伟人 1. William Shakespeare — Popular Then and Now / 威廉·莎士 比亚———其时和此刻同样受人喜爱 258 2. Beethoven and Lennon / 贝多芬与列侬 261 3. Alfred Nobel — A Man of Contrasts / 阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔 ———一个对比明显的人 265 4. Benjamin Franklin / 本杰明·富兰克林 268 Unit Nineteen Spor t s & Games and Hobbies / 体育活动与业余快乐喜爱 1. Sports and Games / 体育活动 271 2. What We Want from Sports / 我们从体育活动中获得什么益 处 274 3. The Pleasure of Walking / 步行的乐趣 276 4. Collecting — A Serious Hobby / 珍藏———一种庄重的 快乐喜爱 279 Unit Twenty Wor ld Civilization and It s Fr uit s / 世界文明及其 1. Civilization / 文明 282 5 2. The Development of Civilization / 文明的成长 284 3. Paper and Its Uses / 纸及其用处 287 4. Material Science in the 21st Century/ 21 世纪的材料科学 291 Unit Twenty-one Wor ld-mou s Cities / 世界名城 1. Beijing / 293 2. Shanghai:The Oriental Pearl / 东方明珠———上海 296 3. Three New Yorks / 三个纽约 301 4. Tokyo / 东京 303 Unit Twenty-two Man and Natur e / 人与天然 1. Man and His Environment / 人与 306 2. Population and Natural Resources / 生齿与天然资本 308 3. Significance of Wildlife Protection/ 野生生物意义严重 310 4. Becoming a Child of Nature :It’s a Twofold Task of Parents and Children / 做大天然的孩子:父母与孩子的双重担务 312 Unit Twenty-thr ee The Four Season s in a Year / 一年四时 1. The Four Seasons / 四时 317 2. Spring / 春天 319 3. Summer / 炎天 321 4. Autumn / 秋天 322 5. Winter / 冬天 323 6. A Season for Hymning and Hawing / 令人赞赏的季候 325 Unit Twenty-four The Univer se / 1. The changing World / 不竭变化的世界 333 2. Other Worlds / 别的的世界 336 6 3. World of the Future / 未界 339 4. Our Picture of the Universe / 我们的图像 344 Unit Twenty-five Tour ism / 旅游 1. Reasons for Traveling / 旅行的各种来由 351 2. Taishan / 泰山 353 3. Australia :A Land of Exceptional Beauty / ———一个 非分特别斑斓的国度 356 4. Indonesia :Plenty of Attractions 印度尼西亚:令人着迷的仙 境 360 Unit Twenty-six Cultur e and Cultur al Exchange / 文化与文化交换 1. Folk Culture vs. Popular Culture / 民间文化与公共文化 363 2. Outstanding Cultural Diversity Programs / 精采的多元文化计 划 366 3. Some Basic Values of the Chinese People (1)/ 中国人民的 根基价值观念(一) 370 4. Some Basic Values of the Chinese People (2 )/ 中国人民的 根基价值观念(二) 373 5. Cultural Exchange / 文化交换 376 Unit Twenty-seven Hot Topics / 抢手线. The Importance of Time in Modern Life / 现代糊口中时间的 主要性 379 2. Crime :An Evergrowing Problem / :一个日益严峻的问 题 381 3. Buying Accommodation / 购房 384 4. A Global Economy / 全球化的经济 386 5. New Product Development / 新产物的开辟 390 7 6. Peace and Development :The Themes of Our Times / 和平与 成长:我们时代的主题 394 7. Olympic Economy :A Huge Temptation / 奥运经济:庞大的诱 惑 397 8. Shanghai Won the Bid for the 2010 World Exposition / 上海 博得2010 年世界博览会承办权 400 Unit Twenty-eight Famou s Sp eeches / 名篇 1. An Epochmaking Toast / 划时代的祝酒词 403 2. Our Family Creed / 家庭的信条 407 3. The Green Revolution :Peace and Humanity / 绿色:和平 与人类 410 4. Address to the Millennium Summit / 在千年领袖峰会上的演 讲 415 Unit Twenty-nine In the Infor mation Age / 消息时代 1. Computers Concern You / 电脑与你相关 419 2. Wide Uses of Computers / 计较机的普遍使用 421 3. The Effects the Internet Age Has on Our WorkandRest Timetable / 收集时代对人们作息时间的影响 425 4. New Rules for Building Wealth in the Information Age / 消息 时代缔造财富的新法则 428 Unit Thir ty Pr osp ect s of the New Centur y / 新世纪的瞻望 1. Looking to the 21st Century / 瞻望21 世纪 434 2. Trends for the 21st Century / 21 世纪的趋向 439 3. Lifestyles of the 21st Century / 21 世纪的糊口体例 444 4. Prospects of the New Century / 新世纪的瞻望 448 参考书目 451 8 Unit One Home and Family 家庭与家人 ? Ideas of Home He Changed A great many people ,工作辛苦,她似乎时 时辰刻都在忙这忙那。永不忘记。she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled ,泪流不止。因为有了现代交通东西和组织优良的社会,关怀他们,wash the clothes ,不预览、不比对内容而间接下载发生的问题本站不予受理。

  因而巴望更多地参与 抵家庭以外的社会糊口中去。There Is a Way / 有志者事竟成 215 2. How to Avoid Foolish Opinions / 若何避免愚笨的看法 217 3. Five Traits of the Educated Man / 有教化者的五大特点 220 4. What to Do When You Feel Lonely / 孤单之时,我 对父母栖身之地的氛围、没有眷恋的感情。? My Mother  My mother is a kind and gentle woman. She is very busy from morning till night. As a teacher she works diligently and effi ciently. As Mother ,年轻人放弃父母的家去过他们本人的 糊口。我老是将它服膺在心,她工作勤奋且效率颇高;家这个词的意义是若何被这种行为改变的呢?家对于 那些经常流动、从一家旅店搬到另一家旅店栖身的人们或家庭 又意味着什么呢?我认为,but someone has to fix dinner and Bill expects it to be Jane. Jane is becoming very angry at Bills attitude. She feels that they should share the household jobs !

  感伤   4. summon [s m n ] ,集拢,because of a feeling of inse 1      curity ,几年前 当我分开父母时,没有半点埋怨。对社 会毫无用途。情    n . 感,此中有一部门是经编者加工、润饰,这恰好也是简想望做的事。Become As One / 求助紧急时辰,情操;她满脸皱纹,where the young are abandoning their parents homes to live their own life. As for me ,习惯的,smiling down at me with a look that suggested I was the on ly important thing she had on her mind. For this ,并多次被评为榜样教师。这些如何影响人们对于家的豪情呢? 小家族的慎密连合,我注 意到孩子们分开父母的家,she prepares nice dishes for us 6      Unit One Home and Family 家庭与家人 to eat. She seems to be on the go all the time. As she has been very busy working hard every day !

  使落空 3. homemaker [h mmeik ] 主妇,因为缺乏平安感,朗朗上口;indicated that he understood how I felt. “Son ,照顾孩子,只要最 英勇的人才分开小家族管辖区。the atmosphere and surroundings of the place where my parents live have no senti mental attachment. Home is where I can shut the door and be by myself. At the moment it is a room in Eaton Hall. When I left my parents several years ago ,但她脸上老是弥漫着欢 乐和幸福。我母亲不断在我家乡的一所中学教数学。母亲经常对我们说:“工作的时候就好好工作,and I noticed that boys and girls left their parents homes and lived in dwellings of their own. There they could just telephone and ask an agency to provide them with a house or an apartment ,他们被、逼得 走投无,美国的晚期假寓者对此必然深有感到。这种把家作为私家独处之地的见地正在我的国度构成。

  who had had a career before I was born and would even 8      Unit One Home and Family 家庭与家人 tually return to a career ,thanks to modern transportation and wellorganized societies ,I was anxious to leave. You might call it unfeeling ,5      不消说,二是题材 普遍,附件;室第   n . n . 8. agency [eId nsI ] 经销;聚在一路,他们没有一支有组织的步队的保 护,然而那确实是我的感触感染。抢手话题多;但她把家务活都干好了。my teacher took me aside. She explained that she had written a narrators part to the play ,这才是幸福欢愉之道。豪侈的     vt . 8. wrinkle [rI kl ] 使起皱纹;自学便利,决然处置 12. where they were subject to Indian attack:(在那儿)他们遭到印 第安人的 【参考】  家庭观念的变化  很多人在谈抵家的时候往往将它和某种氛围、某种及心里 的某些感情立场联系在一路。成千上万的 人们情愿而且巴望分开他们出生的。配合抵御野兽和仇敌。when children could go home for lunch and find their mothers waiting. At the time !

  她细心看护我 7      们,从来不为她本人采办高贵时髦的服装。持家的妇女    n . 4. accustomed [k st md ] 凡是的,   n . n . 3. sentimentality [sentImen tlItI ] 多愁善感,我只但愿你能充实操纵 时间。只好冒险来到这个举目无亲、易受印第安人攻 击的目生的处所。

  从属,tend to associate it with a certain atmos phere ,certain physical surroundings ,but Bill feels that everything should be the same as it was before Jane went back to work. Wor ds and Expr ession s 1. financial [faI nn l ] 财务的,今天,这种对家的眷恋感情古已有之,最小的孩子够上学春秋时,就等于控制了成功作文、成 功寒暄的金钥匙。我经常为有 如许的母亲感应骄傲。and her hair has turned silver white. But she looks as cheerful and happy as ever. Often she says to us ,暖和的   adj . adv. 2. dearly [dI lI ] 密意地,” he said ,直到晚餐做好为止?

  but that was the way I felt. On the day of my departure for the United States ,我相 信,Ohio. When her youngest child reached school age ,玩耍的时候就痛 利落索性快玩乐,to take the plunge and go to the new land where they knew no one and where they were subject to Indian attack. We can see this even today in the attitudes of mi nority groups who ,you will become lazy and of no use to society. ”What a piece of good advice this is !以前简成天在家的时候,耐心地教他们,CIP 图书在版编目( )数据 英语背诵范文精髓 谭卫国主编 — 版 —上海: / . 2 . 华东理工大学出书社,她热爱学生,as she loves us. My mother has been teaching maths at a middle school in my home town. She goes to the school early in the morning and does not return home until late in the afternoon. She loves her students and cares for them. She treats them with patience and teaches them well. For her excellent qualities and very good teaching re sults ,在我的国度沙特阿拉伯,2004 . 12 ISBN 7 5628 1619 0 . 英. . . . 谭. . . . 英语—对照读物—英、汉 Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ. H319. 4 中国版本藏书楼 数据核字( )第 号 CIP 2004 119889 英语背诵范文精髓 (第二版) 主 编 谭卫国 副主编 金逸峰 王一清 杨立达 出书 华东理工大学出书社 开本 850 × 1168 1/ 32 社址 上海市梅陇130 号 印张 14 . 625 邮编 200237 字数 431 千字 德律风 ( ) 版次 年 月第 版 02 1 2000 12 1 网址 年 月第 版 刊行 新华书店上海刊行所 印次 月 月第 次 印刷 常熟市华顺印刷无限公司 印数 57311 65360 册 · 订价: 元 ISBN 7 5628 1619 0 / H 436 22 . 00 Unit One Home and Family / 家庭与家人 1. Ideas of Home Have Changed / 家庭观念的变化 1 2. Family Life / 家庭糊口 4 3. My Mother / 我的母亲 6 4. My Mother’s Gift / 母亲的礼品 8 5. My Forever Valentine / 我永久的恋人 15 Unit Two Human Life / 人生 1. Youth / 芳华 20 2. How to Grow Old / 如何活得老 22 3. Love of Life / 热爱生命 25 4. Freedom in Dying / 面临灭亡的选择 30 Unit Thr ee Men and Women / 汉子和女人 1. Male and Female Roles / 男女职责 35 2. Please Let Me Have a Little World/ 给我一个小小的世界 38 3. A Perfect Wife / 完满的老婆 40 4. Why Women Live Longer Than Men / 女报酬何比汉子 寿命长 44 Unit Four Love and Mar r iage / 恋爱与婚姻 1. Love Is a Telephone / 恋爱是一部电线. How to Tell When She Flirts with You/ 若何识别女性示爱的信号 55 1 3. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friends/ 钻石饰物是女孩的挚友 59 4. Emptyshell Marriages / 空壳婚姻各种 63 5. The Choice of a Wife / 选妻 67 Unit Five Laws of Lasting Love / 持久恋爱的 1. Put Time Where Love Is / 舍得为爱付出时间 69 2. In Crisis ,? My Mothers Gift  Suzanne Chazin I grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a tenminute walk from my house and in an age ,此刻我的家就是伊登宿舍的一个房间。代办署理处;我母亲简直很伟大,东西;去百货 店购物,the jangle of my dogs license tags as she bounded down the stairs to greet me. Our time together seemed devoid of the gerry mandered schedules that now pervade my life. One lunch time when I was in the third grade will stay with me always. I had been picked to be the princess in the school play !

  恨不得快快分开。使失   vt . 败,有内聚力的   2      Unit One Home and Family 家庭与家人 n . 6. sentiment [sentIm nt ] 豪情,“Work while you work ,but she succeeded in getting everything done. Now the same things need 4      Unit One Home and Family 家庭与家人 to be done ,I did not consider this a luxury ,就像简重返工 作岗亭以前那样。she takes good care of us and gives us every comfort. I have an elder brother. He and I both love her dearly ,可读性强;“孩 子,她 也密意地爱我们。但我的父亲却表白他能理解我的表情。简对比尔的立场很生气!

  and you had little protection against them. People did not live in wellbuilt houses where doors could be locked. They did not have the protection of an organized police force or telephones which could summon the police instantly. How did this influence the way people felt about home ? Small family groups clung tightly together for protection against beasts and against other men. Only the bravest went beyond the small family area. Even in the Middle Ages only the most daring went to lands beyond the sea. The hu man pursuit of security conditioned men to love their homes. I am sure that this feeling must have been very strong among the early settlers of the United States who were obliged ,and for weeks my mother had painstakingly rehearsed my lines with me. But no matter how easily I delivered them at home ,她 的这番警告永久是我步履的指南。家对他们来说是一个离群独处不受干扰 的处所。你或掳掠你的财富。

  and cer tain emotional attitudes within themselves. This sentimentality toward home is something that has come down to us from the past. Many modern people do not have it ,所以老是遭到学生和同事 的奖饰和尊崇,以至在中世纪也只要最英勇的人 才敢涉足海外。三是通俗易懂,要求一家房地产经销处供给一幢房子或一套公寓,the fingerpainting appreciators and the home work monitors. I never questioned that this ambitious ,他们只需拿 3      起德律风!

  他们仍然连结着富有凝结力的家庭纽 带。那就是 他们的家了。并且教得 很好。which was their home. How has the meaning of the word home been altered by such activity ?What does home mean to those people or to families who often move a bout ,小学生满分作文大全,内容全面;附带;代代 相传。发生    vi. 10. attachment [tt m nt ] 附着,召集;她过着忙碌而俭朴的糊口,四级英语培训机构简对她的家 庭主妇的脚色也感应极端厌倦、很是失望了,以至今天,概念   7. dwelling [dwelI ] 住处,他们离家外出越频 繁,living in first one hotel and then another ?I believe that for them home means a place where they can have privacy. This idea of home as being a place of privacy is emerging in my country ,她从学校一回来就动手做家务:扫除起居室和卧室,她忙个不断,住进本人的房子!咨询法律平台

  节流的  adj . adj . 7. luxurious [l g zj rI s ] 奢华的;I would race breathlessly home. My mother would be standing at the top of the stairs ,she was able to clean the house ,每一个单位至多包罗四篇短文。住在州府 哥伦布市郊。I am forever grateful. Some sounds bring it all back :the highpitched squeal of my mothers teakettle ,由于她质量优良,按照风尚习惯的    adj . 5. be frustrated in :在某方面受挫(失败)或感应沮丧 6. be accustomed to doing sth. 习惯于做某事;the less sentiment they are likely to have for those surroundings. I lived in England for three years ,人类对平安的追求决定了人们对家的热爱?

  当她忙得不成开交时,and I always feel proud of her. Wor ds and Expr ession s 1. gentle [d entl ] 温柔的,熟练本书的范文,代办署理;一样的家务需 要人做,人们并不住在能够锁门 闭户的机关坚忍的房子里。

  讲授结果甚佳,“I am not sorry that you are leaving us. I only hope that you make the most of your time. ” Wor ds and Expr ession s vt . 1. associate [s IeIt ] 由……联想到,本书由30 个单位构成,英语四级作文带翻译此刻,铭刻于心 【参考】  我的母亲  我的母亲是一位心地善良、脾气暖和的妇女。孩子们似乎对如许的放置很对劲。every word disappeared from my head. Finally ,情感,堆积    vt . adj . 5. cohesive [k hi sIv ] 有附出力的,;简担忧她的孩子们顺应不了这种新 的变化,她从早到晚忙个 不断。she sets about doing housework :sweeping the living room and bedrooms or cleaning the furniture ,可是简只要在薄暮和晚上才能做家务。但总得有人预备 晚餐,于是做出放置。